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People are our best asset…. Dentistry by people with personality…..We take Dentistry very seriously… but not ourselves….

Introducing our dynamic close-knit team who will work together to take care of all your dental needs –

Dr Vincent Lau – Dentist

Dr Vincent LauVincent was born in Hong Kong and has been in Australia for over thirty years. He spent his childhood growing up in the Hills district of North West Sydney. Vincent is a true family man with two boys aged 15 and 12 years and with a loving wife together for over 20 years. He takes the time to nurture his children in schooling, artistic and sporting endeavours.

Vincent also has a passion for cars and motorsport and especially loves the thrill of speed around a race track. He enjoys mountain biking and loves to travel. He has a special interest in learning about different cultures and trying their unique foods and delicacies.

Vincent graduated from the University of Sydney with Honours in 1996 and has been in private practice for more then twenty years. His philosophy is to treat patients how he would like to be treated himself whilst always showing a gentle, caring and attentive chair side manner. He likes to provide his undivided attention when treating his patients so as to help them to feel at ease during their visit.

As Vincent has kids and a family of his own, he can relate well to families and children, and the apprehension that they may feel when attending dental appointments. He works to make them feel as relaxed as possible.

His warm personality and strong patient rapport allows him to relate to patients of all ages from the little ones up to the elderly.

While there are a lot of fads and gimmicks out there, Vincent only focuses on quality and attention to detail, his aim being that his dentistry will last for a long time. He always does the best work possible, even in circumstances where there are unforeseen treatment difficulties – no matter if it takes longer than initially expected.

Because of the attributes above, Dr Vincent Lau’s patients are loyal and return regularly for their check-ups and any further dental work that may be needed in the future.

Dr Alison Leishman – Dentist

Dr Alison LeishmanAlison was born and raised in a small town in central Scotland. Her daily childhood “Home and Away” viewing inspired her to follow the sun to Australia, and leave behind the cold and rain of Scotland. Prior to starting her job in Perth, Alison travelled around South East Asia where she met her now husband who happened to be from Sydney. After many flights across the country the decision was made to move to Sydney, and she has been happily living here for the past 7 years.

Alison is a new proud mum to a one year old son, who she describes as a “character”. When not exploring the local parks and coffee shops, she enjoys yoga and still takes every opportunity to swim in the ocean and visit the beach. Alison is an avid tennis supporter, and has travelled to watch many grand slam matches. She is planning on taking lessons to hopefully one day emulate her hero Andy Murray.

After graduating from the University of Glasgow with Distinction in 2006 Alison subsequently joined the British Royal Navy as a Dental Officer. During this time she treated patients at sea and at naval bases and in her spare time trained and competed for the Royal Navy Swim Team. Whilst in the Navy, she completed both her Vocational Training Year and Post Graduate Membership to the Joint Dental Faculty.

Since arriving in Australia, Alison has worked in private practices in both Perth and Sydney. She has over 12 years of experience, but understands that dentistry is forever changing, and participates readily in continuing professional development.

Alison’s main aim is to make patients feel as comfortable and as cared for as possible and for everyone’s dental experience to be a positive one. She prides herself on her gentle and caring style of dentistry which puts patients at ease, and understands the importance of good communication. Alison loves getting to know her patients and their families and especially enjoys treating children. She believes in making their appointments as fun as possible, and wants kids to be excited and not apprehensive about their visit.

Chontelle – Practice Manager

ChontelleChontelle comes from a family of seven and grew up in multicultural Western Sydney. She has a twin sister that she is very close to and considers her best friend. Chontelle adores her family and enjoys spending time with them and her partner. She is also a soccer super star who trains regularly during the week and plays regular matches on the weekend.

Chontelle has a good sense of humour and enjoys making people smile and laugh. Not only does she have a sparkling personality, she is a also talented Practice Manager who ensures the practice runs smoothly to enhance the patient experience.

Because of Chontelle’s upbringing she is able to relate to people of all walks of life and different cultures. She really focuses on making patients feel at ease and comfortable as she realises dentistry is nerve wracking for most adults and especially children. Making it her mission to try and comfort the patients who are nervous. Chontelle also enjoys playing Nintendo with the kids whilst they wait to make their dental experience fun and relaxed.

Danielle – Dental Assistant

DanielleDanielle is our resident foodie, she loves dining out and trying new establishments, shopping and catching up with friends and family. Being from a family of five with a large extended family, there is never enough time to see everyone. The family BBQ is definitely an event Danielle treasures.

Danielle is an experienced dental assistant with an attentive and kind chairside manner. She enjoys making sure our patient’s needs are cared for and with many nieces and nephews in her extended family, caring for children is second nature.

Stephanie – Dental Assistant

StephanieStephanie is our multi-talented working mum. Her son, who is now 18 months, keeps Stephanie busy with his daily activities. She loves spending time her little one, shopping, catching up with friends and when the weather warms up, she can be found at her favourite beach.

Stephanie really enjoys being part of our dental team and with her bubbly personality, she loves getting to know her patients. She especially strives to make her patients, of all ages, feel at ease. Especially those who feel apprehensive at the dentist.